Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Beginning

  I am sharing my story in hopes that it will help you in some way. I am by no means a health expert nor do I claim to know it all. I hope that you find motivation from my story....

  I remember being that girl who stepped on the scale and saw 201 and cried herself to sleep. In that moment of self pity I made a decision that I could not continue with the toxic lifestyle I was leading. Personally for me seeing 201 on the scale was a breaking point. Seeing that number sent me into a shock because all along I kept telling myself that as long as I was in the 100s I was okay. For a moment I thought to myself how could I have gotten here? Reflecting on this I recalled all the countless times I would get my favorite fast food treats, eat them in secret, and hide the bag underneath all the other garbage in the garbage can that way nobody would question me or judge me for binging.

  Deciding to get healthy is hard, scary, and can often cause you to feel very alone. This is even more true if the people in your life are not wanting to take the new healthy route along with you. But I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT!! All you need is persistence. For me there wasn't a magical answer to it all. I did it the old fashioned way. This is not to knock anyone who has pursued other routes and been successful in them, but for me diet and exercise is what did the trick. It was sticking to my goal. I did it for myself. I had many people in my life who wanted me to lose the weight but until I decided I truly wanted to do it, it didn't matter. It seemed as though the more someone pushed me to lose the weight, the more I resisted. I did not have a big support system in losing the weight. I felt as if the people who were "for" me losing the weight were simply coming from a judgmental place. My vision for this blog is to help and encourage anyone who feels like nobody understands. I want to create a community where positive people can motivate each other to get healthy. I have created a Facebook page where you can share your stories, tips, or anything positive that you feel could help someone else. I have also set up an email account where you can email me with your questions, stories, or tips. Subscribe to this blog as well for more. Let's walk this journey together!